Auschwitz concentration camp


We went to Aushwitz because it’s really just something you should do if your in Krakow, you probably won’t enjoy yourself but you owe it to yourself as a human to go. There was a quote on a plaque in the entrance, I forget who it was from, or even it’s exact words (why didn’t I take a photo of it!) but it was basically “we must remember the evil of our past so we will not commit it again in our future”.

I’m not going to go into detail about what the tour entailed or what happened here, you probably already know, and if you don’t, do yourself a favour and read up on it, you could do worse than following the Wikipedia link above.

If you do decide to go when you’re there you will see pamphlets and advertising everywhere for organised tours they will pick you up from your hotel and pop you back there several hours later, this costs about 130 zloty per person. You can do the tour yourself for half the price by following the instructions below that we used (copied directly from GoldyNJ’s review in trip advisor):

1 – There is no need to take a tour from Krakow, you can get there yourself and take one of the individual tour guides

2 – I took a minivan from the central bus station in Krakow to Auschwitz. It cost 12 zl (in May 2013) and drops you off at the bottom of Auschwitz. You then walk up to the main museum entrance, go past the line on the left which is for groups and you can pay as an individual.

3 – Before you leave, make sure you know what time the relevant language tour is so that you can time your trip to get there with enough time before the tour starts. e.g. I knew the English language tour started at 09:30, I knew the trip to Auschwitz takes approx an hour and twenty minutes and that I wanted to be at Auschwitz by around 9 so I got to the bus station at 7.10, the van left at 7.45 and got to Auschwitz at 9.10 which left me plenty of time to get my ticket and find the tour.

The only thing that differs is that the bus now leaves at 7:50, not 7:45…

I tend to take pictures of nice looking things, buildings, bridges, mountains etc and try to make them look, well, nice. I didn’t want to do this the Aushwitz. But with blazing sunshine on a beautiful hot summers day I think I failed, but, this is how it looks, manicured lawns and all.

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