So long London

It’s Sunday the 16th of June and for the first and last time I am sitting in a Starbucks on a macbook. The carpets in our very empty flat are currently being washed, our bags are packed and all thats left is the 3 hour countdown for our taxi to to the airport to arrive and we embark on our big trip home. So I thought this was the perfect opportunity to post my last London based post.

I figured what better way than to upload a retrospective gallery of a bunch of photos taken in London over the last 5 years. I intended to have about 20 images, looks like it’s turned into 40ish. They really show how I’ve grown as a photographer over the last 5 years, hopefully I’ve grown as a person too.

So, so long London, it’s been a riot. Next time you hear from me I’ll be somewhere in Eastern Europe or Africa. And remember, you can always keep up to date in bite size chunks on Twitter and Instagram, both @geoffwatt


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